Summer Dip

Yellow: OMG Nail Polish in Banana Boat, Star nail accessories




Gumamela Inspired Nail Art

My sister wore this on her prom night… It somehow reminded me of the “tail” part of a gumamela flower.

Pink: OMG Nail Polish in First Date, Black: Sassy Nail Art, White: Sassy Nail Art


Converse Nail Art

A friend of mine noticed that I started doing nail art and she asked me if I can do hers as well. Being the good friend that I am, *eherm*, I said yes. She requested the converse inspired one. So for practice, I decided to try it on me first. I think it turned out fine, considering that I’m a newbie at nail art.

Blue: OMG (Oh My Golly) Nail Colors in Atlantis, Black: Sassy Nail Art, White: Sassy Nail Art
That squiggly line there was caused by my pretty shaky hands… 🙂