DIY Mini Photo Album Keychain

I saw one of these in a store and immediately wanted to try it out. I thought it was easy to do, and I was right! It’s really cheap to do compared to buying ready-made ones. If I remember correctly, they sell these for 100 pesos, but the one I made only cost me roughly 20 pesos!




DIY Gift Ideas: Bracelets and Earrings

As much as possible, I want my gifts to be something unique and unforgettable. I spend hours looking around the mall for the perfect gift. But most of the time, I don’t find it. So I go to another place, look around and so on. Bottom line: finding the perfect gift is long and tiring. Good thing I found something that would make my gift giving easier.


Yes! Perfect! Not only will my gift be special because it is made from the heart, it is also cheap and fun to do.

In my following posts, I’ll feature different DIY Gift Ideas. I actually made them for a friend’s 18th birthday!

Here is the first batch:

Braided T-shirt Bracelet

Braided T-shirt Wrap Bracelet

Beaded Square Knot Bracelet

 Button and Bead Earrings